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Not being able to see clearly is very frustrating. It can cause you to have difficulty driving, reading, or doing other tasks that you enjoy. While glasses effectively correct vision, some people don't like wearing glasses or hate how they look in them. Contacts are an alternative that can be worn as your everyday corrective eyewear or on just special occasions. At Center Stage Optique, serving West Village, NYC, NY and the surrounding region, we strongly believe that you can optimize your vision while still looking your best. 


About Contact Lens Exams

The first part of your contact lens exam is your vision screening and eye health evaluation. First, our optometrist asks you to look into a set of lenses. Then the magnifying power of the lens will be changed until you can see the letters crisp and clear. This helps our optometrist determine the correct power of contacts that you require for vision correction. 

Then, we will conduct a test to identify astigmatism and see if it’s affecting you. This test is rather simple and consists of you looking at two images and comparing which one appears clearer. You'll need to complete a series of these tests to determine the severity of your astigmatism.

Finally, our optometrist will conduct an eye health exam that consists of several portions. Some patients require more testing than others based on their age and health conditions. One standard test is a retina exam, which our optometrist performs with a special magnifying device. It allows us to see inside of your eyes to check your retina. You'll also look into a machine that checks the pressure of your eye and look into another machine that our doctor uses to determine the dimensions of your eyes. This machine allows us to fit you for contacts by gathering very precise measurements.

Different Types of Contact Lenses

You'll get to choose between soft contacts and gas-permeable lenses. Gas-permeable lenses are more rigid and reshape your eyes. You can opt for lenses that you wear at night and take out during the day.

Besides needing the correct size, some people require specialized contacts. We offer contact lenses just for astigmatism, which are known as toric lenses. These lenses have different magnifying powers in different meridians of the contact. Plus, many of these lenses are weighted, so they stay in position properly.

Our optometrist in Chelsea also offers scleral contacts for individuals who have issues with their corneas. These lenses cover a larger portion of your eyes and are more comfortable for some individuals to wear as a result. We also have contacts to help with nearsightedness and presbyopia.

Call us today at 212-933-1895 to schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam with Center Stage Optique, serving West Village, NYC, NY.

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