Eyeglasses FAQs

There is a great deal to know about eyeglasses when you are ready to choose a pair whether it is your first time or you have been wearing them for years. Our eye doctors at Center Stage Optique will help you with this important decision.


Q: Should I get a vision exam when I want to order new eyeglasses?

A: While it is a good idea to have a vision exam on a regular schedule, you may not need an exam before ordering new eyeglasses. If you haven’t noticed any change to your eyesight or any other vision problems and would rather not get an examination, that’s perfectly fine. This is especially convenient if you aren’t able to make it in during our regular business hours.

Q: How can I pick the right frames?

A: Consider your face shape, skin tone, personality, and lifestyle (i.e. business casual, sophisticated, sporty) to help you determine what would be ideal eyeglass frames. You might decide to pick out a few extra frames for variety.

Q: What are some current eyeglass frame trends?

A: There are a few types of frames that are at the top of the list of trends. This includes clear stylish frames, retro geometric shape frames, and cat-eye shaped eyeglasses for the fashionistas out there. Aviator glasses and granny eyewear are also is seeing a major comeback.

Q: Can I get glasses for someone as a gift?

A: If people you are close to are about to get new eyeglasses and their prescription hasn’t changed or you want to surprise them and pay for their glasses, you can arrange it with us first. You can have them search through our selection of frames online or in the store, provide a list of their top few favorites, and then you can place an order.

Q: What if I can’t afford to buy the eyeglasses I want?

A: If you are unable to afford the glasses you need or want, it is possible to set up a payment plan. Consider our package pricing that is often less than the frames you would buy elsewhere.

Q: Are there special glasses for when you’re using computer screens?

A: Blue Light filtering glasses are an excellent preventative measure for your eyes while using a computer screen. You might have this included in your regular eyeglasses. You can also use this type of eyewear while you’re wearing contact lenses.

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When you want a high-quality pair of eyeglasses or other vision care, stick with the specialists who are experienced and bring some fun into the office. If you live in The West Village, Chelsea, or New York City, you can’t go wrong with Center Stage Optique. Call us today at (212) 933-1895 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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