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Center Stage Optique, located at the crossroads of West Village and Chelsea, wants your eye health to always take center stage. Let's just say, "our focus is always on you!" We love New York and Broadway and have a flair for fashion with our trendy eyewear. Let us entertain you while you select the perfect pair, or pairs, because let's face it, every fashionista needs more than one! Check out the hottest trends on our 2020 marquee.


A-Lister Aviators: Think retro Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and you'll see what we mean. Our high-quality aviator brands pay tribute to this classic unisex style that thankfully has outlasted the test of time. Aviator eyeglasses are stylish for men and women of all ages and look great on everyone. We salute this ageless style with two thumbs up!

A Nod To Granny: Hello Granny! We know that granny eyeglasses are everything right now and all the celebs do too. Give us some glam granny any day of the week, and we'll give you a hot eyeglasses trend that isn't going away anytime soon! Wearing granny inspired specs shows that you know who you are, love the latest fashion, and celebrate the old with the new. Wear your grannies with head to toe vintage or rock your look with an eclectic combo. Two big thumbs up!

Crystal Clear: 2020 is an aught, the first year of a new decade and eyeglasses are at the top of our fashion statement list. That's why we are crystal clear that clear eyeglasses frames are a trend in today's fashion spotlight. One might think that clear frames would fade away into the background but au contraire, they speak volumes and shine the spotlight on your distinct eye for style. Be careful, they will also bring out your beautiful eyes, no matter what color they are. Clearly award-winning!

Geometric And Groovy: Talk about a nod to a time gone by! We're seeing more and more groovy geometric shaped eyeglasses frames everywhere we go. As our fashionistas are embracing everything retro, geometric shapes are adding interest and offering a unique way to bring attention to your amazing one-of-a-kind face. A crowd pleaser!

Purr-fectly Feminine: Cat-eye shaped eyeglasses are purr-fect for the strong, feminine fashionista inside. Bring her out to play with this sexy throwback that celebrates a more stylish time when Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn graced the big screen in a big way. Bravo!

Our Center Stage Optique cast will help you select the perfect pair of trendy eyewear and entertain you too. Call us today at 212-933-1895 for fashionable frames in Chelsea.

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