Importance of Annual Eye Exams

Are you looking for optometry services in The West Village, Chelsea, or the surrounding area? If you or a loved one needs an eye exam, look no further than Center Stage Optique. We provide routine, annual eye exams for patients of all ages. Schedule your next eye exam with us!


Why Eye Exams Are Important

If you are fortunate enough to have excellent near vision, you are probably wondering why you should get an annual eye exam. People of all ages should get eye exams at least once a year, even if no corrective lenses are needed to see properly. Eye exams are about ensuring the long-lasting health of your eyes just as much as they are for measuring your eyesight and making sure that it stays as functional as possible. In short, an annual eye exam covers preventative care as well as maintenance and treatment.

Keeping a Schedule

Eye care professionals agree that everyone should get an eye exam at least once per year. If underlying conditions exist, our optometrists in Chelsea may even suggest that you come in more often, perhaps every six months. This may be recommended if there are issues with your corrective lenses or if you need to use certain prescribed eyewear. For instance, you may opt to get prescription eyeglasses in addition to your contact lenses or get prescription sunglasses as well as prescription eyeglasses.

Annual Eye Exams Are Preventative

When you make your annual eye exam appointment to visit our optometrists in The West Village, our eye doctor will run through a series of tests to measure and check the health of your eyes. In addition, our eye doctor will ask if you have any concerns about your vision or your eyes since the last visit. We will also review your file to see if there have been any dramatic changes in your vision.

The tests that the eye doctor conducts will also include testing how accurately you perceive color and the measurement of your peripheral vision as well as the physical condition of your eyes. Finally, an annual eye exam will include a glaucoma test. This is an important test since glaucoma often has no symptoms, yet is one of the leading causes of blindness.

Schedule Your Eye Exam in The West Village

We provide a wide range of quality optometry services to the community. If you live in or around Chelsea, The West Village, or the surrounding area, call our team at Center Stage Optique today at 212-933-1895 to schedule an eye exam.

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