Pediatric Eye Exams

Why Pediatric Eye Exams are Important for Children of All Ages

Having healthy eyes and good vision is extremely important and something that some people take for granted. To ensure that your eyes are healthy, you should have an eye examination done at least once per year. While this is important for adults, it is also important for kids. There are several reasons why a child should see our optometrist in New York to receive a regular eye exam. 


Provides Eye Health Examination

One of the main reasons why you should bring your child to a pediatric eye doctor is that it can provide your child with an eye examination. There are several conditions and diseases that can affect someone's eyes. If your child has one of these, it can impact the health of their eye and future vision. Fortunately, many of these are correctable if you receive proper care from an optometrist in New York. An eye exam will also identify any issues with eye movement, which are common with kids and can be corrected with proper therapy.

Pediatric Eye Doctor will Provide Vision Screening

Having good vision is important for kids as it can have a direct impact on their ability to perform well in school and athletics. To ensure that your child's vision is clear, you should have its eyes tested on a regular basis. If your child does not have good vision, it can be corrected with a set of glasses or contacts.

Early Eye Care Teaches Good Habits

While it is important to ensure that your child has good vision and healthy eyes, you also want to make sure that they are in the habit of receiving regular medical attention. For proper eye care, all people should see an optometrist regularly. When you take your child to a family eye doctor starting at a young age, this is a practice that they can then continue the rest of their life. This will help to ensure they always have a healthy set of eyes into adulthood.

Contact Us to Schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam in New York

There are many reasons why having your child receive regular eye care is so important. When you need an eye exam and need to see a pediatric eye doctor, you should contact us at Center Stage Optique for your pediatric eye care needs. At Center Stage Optique, our eye doctor in New York is skilled with working with children and can provide you with a full evaluation. If necessary, the pediatric eye doctor can provide any additional care that your child needs. Give us a call today to learn more and to schedule an appointment!

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