Polarized Glasses FAQs

Are Polarized Glasses Right for You?


If you only worry about sunlight exposure in the summer, you are making a mistake. You can experience discomfort and even damage to your eyes year-round. Polarized coatings on sunglasses and regular glasses may help you see clearly and comfortably in even the brightest conditions. At Center Stage Optique in New York, here are some of the common questions we hear about polarized lenses:

What Are Polarized Glasses?

Polarized glasses are lenses that have a special coating. The coating filters out angled light such as the intense light reflecting off water or car windows. However, other illumination such as from the sun travels through the lens. This allows you to see clearly and with dramatically reduced glare.

How Are These Different From Regular Glasses?

Regular glasses offer no filtering. Light from every angle enters your eyes. This overwhelms your vision with intense and reflected glare. Glare can be extremely uncomfortable. It could also make it harder for you to drive, work, and play sports.

What Kind of Polarized Lenses are Available?

Many kinds of lenses are available with polarized coatings. These include sunglasses, sports goggles, prescription lenses, bifocals, etc. Polarized glasses also come in a variety of colors including gray, brown, green, and yellow.

What Kind of Protection Do Polarized Glasses Give?

Polarized lenses dramatically reduce glare. This makes it easier for you to see in bright conditions. Details are clear and colors are crisp. It can also reduce squinting, eyestrain, and headaches triggered by bright light.

What are the Limitations of Polarized Coatings?

This coating could make it harder to see at night, especially in very low light conditions. You could find it harder to read LCD displays. The coating may also react to certain tints on windows or car windshields.

Finally, polarization does not offer full UVA and UVB protection. However, it can be combined with UV blocking technology. These glasses offer the best visual protection.

How Should I Clean My Polarized Lenses?

It is recommended to clean your polarized lenses with lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. If the surface is very dusty, for instance, if you have been playing sports outside, you may want to rinse the glasses first. Pass them under running water to wash away the grit, let them dry, and clean as normal.

Get Polarized Glasses Through Your Optometrist in New York

At Center Stage Optique, our team can help you find the right polarized lenses for your needs. We offer a wide selection of prescription glasses, fashion shades, and sports-friendly sunglasses. Our Broadway-themed glasses shop is conveniently located near Greenwich Village and Chelsea. Contact us today at 212-933-1895 to make an appointment.

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