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Vision and Eye Exams in New York City at Center Stage Optique

Our New York City optometrist advises most patients under the age of 64 to have an annual vision exam. Exceptions include individuals that have eye conditions that require monitoring and those who are at high risk for certain ocular diseases. Taking time for this essential examination can help you see things clearly, and here’s what you can expect during your appointment. Here is what you can expect during your vision exam at Center Stage Optique!

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What an Optometrist Does During a Vision Exam

Our New York City eye doctor will carefully examine your eyes during a comprehensive checkup using a variety of techniques and tests that include the following.

Vision Acuity Tests—These short tests measure distance visual acuity as well as near vision using a projected eye chart. 

Cover Test—Using an eye cover, your eye alignment will be checked. 

Color Blindness Exam—This short test screens for color vision. 

Depth Perception Test—Known as stereopsis, this evaluates your depth perception of three-dimensional objects. 

Ocular Motility Exam—This test determines how well one’s eyes move between objects and their ability to follow them. 

Retinoscopy—This helps eye doctors estimate how strong of a prescription may be needed. 

Refraction—Essentially, this is a more in-depth evaluation of the eyes to determine a precise prescription 

Glaucoma Testing—This test is performed with a puff of air test or with an applanation tonometer.

Unless requested, contact lens fittings will typically occur during a later exam if desired.

What Conditions Can Be Detected During Eye Exams

Quite a few physical conditions that aren’t directly related to the eyes can be detected during an annual exam. Diabetes often causes the eyes to bleed or leak fluid and is indicative of diabetic retinopathy. Optometrists can also often detect conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis. Most surprising to patients is that certain auto immune diseases and cancers such as leukemia and brain tumors may be indicated through eye exams.

Comprehensive Annual Eye Exams—Why They are So Important

It’s clear to see why having an eye exam annually is so valuable, as early detection of eye diseases and other health conditions could be lifesaving and help preserve your vision. Unfortunately, only half of Americans follow through with annual exams and miss out on this potentially life-saving opportunity to have better health and better vision. Just skipping one annual exam can allow any problems to worsen, putting your wellness at risk.

Ready for an Annual Eye Exam?

If you need a comprehensive eye exam, contact Center Stage Optique in New York City online, or call one of our friendly associates at 212-933-1895 today to schedule your vision exam today.

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